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Invader Class Tug For Sale

McDermott Shipyard

Item # 88257

This Invader tug is known for its versatility, maneuverability and towing capability. Twin EMD 20-645-E7B marine diesel engines provide 3600 horsepower. We now have 2 of these ocean going tugs for sale, one on the East Coast and the other on the West Coast. These twin-screw tugs are outfitted with twin turbocharged 20-cylinder diesel engines coupled to heavy-duty 5 blade, 132 diameter stainless steel propellers. Triple rudders provide extraordinary close quarters maneuverability and ample steering power to handle large and heavy tows. Each Invader Class tug is outfitted with a diesel drive, double-drum towing winch for single or tandem towing. The winches are equipped with 2,800 feet of 2.25 towing wire on each drum. Due to their hull lines, deep draft, low center of gravity and excellent sea keeping ability these tugs can achieve higher towing speeds than other tugs in this size category. Invader Class tugs have been designed to handle all types of ocean towing, including emergency response and towing of disabled vessels. Additionally, this tug is fully instrumented, with pilothouse controlled engine rooms, and are equipped with the latest in navigational and communications technology.. Vessel Service: TOWING VESSEL Trade Indicator: Coastwise Unrestricted, Ship Builder: MCDERMOTT SHIPYARD Year Built: 1976 Length: 128.6 Hull Depth: 19.2 Hull Breadth: 36.5 Gross Tonnage: 199 Net Tonnage: 135

Model: Invader Class Tug For Sale
Manufacturer: McDermott Shipyard
Qty: 2
HP: 2000
KW: 0
Ratio: 0:1
Fob: $2,250,000.00
Vessel Information
Vessel Length: 129
Vessel Fuel: 53,600
Vessel Beam: 36.5
Vessel Draft: Max 19.2

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