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Aluminum Boat for Sale


Item # 90997

This custom crew boat for sale was built of all welded aluminum construction reportedly at Orange, Texas and has recently undergone a substantial refit. The following information was obtained from a marine survey inspection prior to refit, and as always, we recommend your personal independent inspection. The vessel was built of all welded aluminum construction reportedly at Orange, Texas. Overall dimensions are: Length: 38' Beam: 14', Draft: 5'6" The vessel has a flush deck, a modified model bow, moderate V-shaped bottom, a transom stern, and a single level deckhouse. She is a typical inland and near coastal waters un-certified type crewboat. The bow is fitted with two (2) each push knees which extend 42 above main deck and have 8 wide split compressed rubber type faces. Push wire winches are located aft of the cabin and are of the Bee Bee Brothers manufactured type with ½ diameter wire rope. The vessel is not fitted with bulwarks. Handrails fabricated of 1-1/4 diameter pipe are fitted forward and around the aft deck. Handrails are of the two tier type with same sized vertical stanchions. Handrails are also fitted around the perimeter of the roof of the partially recessed p Starting at the bow and leading aft, hull compartmentation is as follows: Forward compartment is bow void collision compartment. Second compartment is passenger compartment open from front bulkhead below the pilothouse aft to machinery space bulkhead. Third compartment is machinery space. Fourth compartment is rudder compartment with center mounted independent fuel tank. The above mentioned fuel tank has a total capacity of approximately 260 gallons and is fitted with approved type fuel vent, fill, and shut-off valve. CABIN: The single level cabin with pilothouse raised above main deck level forward and partially recessed passenger area aft is constructed of all-welded aluminum. Interior is painted aluminum in way of sides and the overheads and vinyl tile over plywood on decking. Doors at the aft end of the cabin and on the port side of the pilothouse are of the single-dog weathertight type with appropriate coamings. Windows are of the sliding aluminum and fixed rubber mounted types. Main engine throttle and clutch controls, single lever type (partially disassembled) The recessed cabin below the pilotage area contains five (5) each four-man upholstered bench seats with life-saving equipment storage below and two tables to starboard. The port side of the cabin has one of the four man seats hinged to form upper and lower bunks convertible to upright seating and a cabinet with Formica top and a single stainless sink.. The following equipment is located on top of the cabin: Navigation lights One (1) 12-volt incandescent spotlight One (1) single electric horn Steering system is mechanical with hydraulic system driven off the main engine. ELECTRICAL: Electrical wiring is a combination of metal armored and neoprene covered marine wiring and machine tool industrial cable. Overload protection is attained by means of fuses and circuit breakers. Lighting system is 12-volt, DC and 120 volt AC. Six (6) 8-volt heavy-duty marine type batteries are stored in way of the machinery space in battery boxes and are fitted with disconnect switches. MACHINERY: The vessel is twin screw. Vessel is powered by two (2) each General Motors model 6-71 six cylinder naturally aspirated diesel engines each driving a single propeller through an Allison marine reverse gear with a 2.0:1 reduction ratio. Each engine is rated at 150 HP at 1800 RPMs by the manufacturer. Engines are keel cooled and 24-volt battery starting.

Model: Aluminum Boat for Sale
Manufacturer: Custom
HP: 370
KW: 0
Ratio: 0:1
Vessel Information
Vessel Length: 38
Vessel Fuel: 260
Vessel Beam: 14
Vessel Draft: 5'6

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