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Research Vessel


Item # 91084

Research Vessel for Sale This all steel boat for sale was built in 1979 by H&H Shipyard. She has been used for geophysical & geo technical projects, cable repairs, buoys deployments, mini sub launching and Dept. of Defense projects. SOLAS 12 classed, 2 person life raft and 12 person life floats. She has a fully equipped kitchen including stove w/oven, microwave, dishwasher, commercial freezer, refrigerator w/freezer & icemaker, coffee maker. 2 flat screen tv's & DVD player. She accommodates 10 persons in 4 staterooms. Length 85' Registered length 76.7' Beam 26' Draft Loaded draft 7' Depth 8.5' Gross Tons 98 Net Tons 66 DWT Vessel Location Southeast US Class Flag: USA Capacities Fuel 8,690 usg (4 tanks) Potable Water 5,800 usg (2 tanks) Ballast Cargo fuel: Cargo Water Misc: 165 gallon black water tank Machinery: Engine: Detroit Diesel12V-71 Count: 2 HP: 360 hp each Gear model: TwinDisc MG514 Ratio: 4:1 Prop dia: 54" x 46" Bow Thruster: HP DP Generator: GM Delco-371 Qty 1 KW 30 kw Gen other: GM Delco-371 Qty 1 KW 30 kw Gen other Qty KW Electronics: VHF Radio, SSB, EPIRB, Depth Sounder, Gyro: AIS, Radar, Auto Pilot, Compass, GPS, Plotter, Fire monitor

Model: Research Vessel
Manufacturer: Custom
HP: 720
KW: 60
Ratio: 0:1
Transmission: TwinDisc MG514 Ratio: 4:1 Prop
Vessel Information
Vessel Length: 85
Vessel Fuel: 8,690 Gallons
Vessel Beam: 26'
Vessel Draft: 8'5

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