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PT2012.b Pump Tester


Item # 87620

Pumptester new ergonomically designed diesel injection pump test bench. 20 hp AC motor producing high torque at low speed range enables to test new technology high-pressure output fuel injection pumps. Direct Drive System, DDS. Digital speed control system provides smooth speed control between 45-4000 rpm via is single turn precision speed control knob. Electronic Feedback System prevents speed changes in load variances by monitoring the speed and load relation during the entire run time. Larger flywheel inertia provides more stable speed control. New measuring console with two axis of motion. New control panel provides an easy and ergonomical operation. Rich standart accessory package for most common distributor and inline pumps. ------ Standard adapters PT2012 -------- AA1276 Flywheel Turn Bar 1 AA1473 Coupling Wrench 1 AA1996 Main Cradle for Flange Mounted Pumps 1 AP1245 12V. 24V. Power Cable with Crocodile Clips 1 BA1007 Banjo 14 mm 2 BA1161 Rubber Feet 4 BR1001 Auxiliary Pressure Gauge Connection Hose 1 KO1039 Fuel Inlet and Return Hoses 2 KO1040 High Pressure Hose 1 KO1041 Air Connection Hose with Banjo End 1 AA1384 Main Coupling 1 AA3157 Coupling Safety Cover 1 BA1236 Banjo 12 mm 2 KO1269 Digital Rack Gauge 1 AA2952 Adapter for Digital Rack Gauge 1 AA2898 Digital Rack Gauge adapter for PES6A 1 AA2893 Digital Rack Gauge adapter for PES6P-PES8P-PE8P 1 AA2953 Nut for Digital Rack Gauge Adapter 1 AA2895 Digital Rack Gauge adapter nut for PES6A 1 AA2894 Digital Rack Gauge adapter nut forPES6P-PES8P-PE8P 1 AA2911 Extension pieces for Digital Rack Gauge adapters 1 AR1978 Connection Cable For Digital Rack Gauge 1 BN1001 Test Pipe 6 X 2 X 12 x 600 = 1 680 750 014 8 BN1002 Test Pipe 8 X 3 X 14 x 600 = 1 680 750 089 8 BN1003 Test Pipe 6 X 2 X 12 X 845= 1 680 750 017 6 KO1252 Test Injector 12SD12 ISO4010 (@172 BAR) for PT2012-E 12 AA1188 4 Holes Adapter Flange Ø92 mm 1 AA1189 4 Holes Adapter Flange Ø68 mm Adapter Ring 1 AA1190 4 Holes Adapter Flange Ø85 mm Adapter Ring 1 AA1379 Coupling puller Ø110 mm 1 AA1592 P type Adapter Flange Ø107 mm 1 AA1882 P type Adapter Flange Ø95 mm 1 AA1991 Bracket 97 mm 2 AA1992 Bracket 104 mm 2 AA1995 Bracket R56 2 AA1998 P type pump rear support bracket 1 AA3159 Quick Action Clamp 2 AA1698 Coupling Ø 110 long 22 mm 1 AA3070 Coupling Ø 110 long 25 mm 1 AA3071 Coupling Ø 110 long 30 mm 1 AA1185 DPA FORD Adapter Flange 1 AA1186 3 holes DPS Adapter Flange Ø68 mm 1 AA1188 4 Holes Adapter Flange Ø92 mm 1 AA1189 4 Holes Adapter Flange Ø68 mm Adapter Ring 1 AA1190 4 Holes Adapter Flange Ø85 mm Adapter Ring 1 AA1193 DPS Coupling FORD 2,5 TRANS0T 1 AA1194 Coupling 17 mm 1 AA1195 Coupling 20 mm 1 AA1257 Coupling Puller Ø96 mm 1 AA1271 Pump Return Connection Adapter 1 AA1272 Cam Box Pressure Connection Adapter 1 AA1277 Inlet Adapter 12 mm 1 AA1278 Inlet Adapter 14 mm 1 AA1330 LUCAS Fuel Delivery Adjusting Wrench 1 AA1348 DPS 0A5 Adapter Flange 1 AA2010 9 Holes Adapter Flange Ø50 mm Adapter Ring 1 AA2011 9 Holes Adapter Flange Ø46 mm Adapter Ring 1 AA2012 9 Holes Adapter Flange 1 AA3043 3 keyway Adapter Flange Ø 68 mm 1

Model: PT2012.b Pump Tester
Manufacturer: MAK-TEST
Qty: 1
Hours: NEW
HP: 20
KW: 0
Phase: 3
Ratio: 0:1
Transmission: Needs Optional Transformer
Vessel Information
Vessel Length: 0

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